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The modern competitive sport of kickboxing in Buende

Kickboxing radiates a great fascination and is considered contemporary martial art.

Compared to the other martial arts that you can learn with us, kickboxing is a very young discipline. As a competitive sport, it goes back to the 70s and was then called All Style Karate, Sport-Karate or Contact-Karate.

Kickboxing has its origins in North America, but the techniques come from Asia, which Asian immigrants brought to the US.

Basically, kickboxing can be done in three different systems, each with its own technical focus and rules. Together the three systems form the common kickboxing. In our martial arts school, we teach children, teenagers and adults the different techniques individually in small groups.

To the training plan

The three systems of kickboxingMartial Arts Center Tai-Do

Semicontact / Point Fighting: In this system, also called Point-Stop-System, the fight is fought with light body contact and after each hit, the fight is stopped by the referee and points are awarded.

The hit areas are the head from the front, side and back as well as the upper body from the front and side. Typical for this system is the lateral fighting position as well as targeted and explosive techniques for a tactically high-quality fighting action.

Light Contact: Light contact kickboxing is carried out with controlled, light contact and is a technically, tactically and conditionally demanding system.

To ensure a clean fight, the referee is always close to the area. Three judges outside the area determine the majority of points and the winner. Hit areas are the head from the front and side and the upper body from the front and side.

Full Contact: When kickboxing in full contact, fitness, technique and tactics are in the foreground. As the name suggests, you fight in direct contact with your opponent and effect hits should achieve a knockout and thus determine the winner at an early stage.

A referee and three judges determine the winner of a match by awarding hits. The hit areas are again the head in front and lateral and the lateral and front upper body.

Various protective equipment is mandatory for individual systems. Among them especially:

  • fist protection
  • foot protection
  • groin protection
  • head protection
  • mouthguard
  • breast protection for ladies

Get to know the modern way of kickboxing with us. Just come by for a trial training or contact us at 05223 130807 for more information. You are also welcome to leave us a message via our contact form.

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