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Karate in the martial arts school Tai-Do Buende near Herfordlike Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee  

Young and old can train like Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee

Karate is considered one of the hardest forms of self-defence and sporting competition. This martial art has its origin about 500 AD, when Chinese monks, who were not allowed to carry weapons, developed a special form of fighting for self-defence from gymnastic exercises.

Besides the fighting technique, Karate is also a way of self-discovery and self-awareness. In the field of sport, however, this discipline is still relatively young and only at the beginning of the last century a sport with fixed rules developed from traditional martial art in Japan.

At Tai-Do Buende, children and adults learn these rules and guidelines in small groups with trained coaches. The focus is on the fun of the sport, general fitness and self-defence.

To the training plan

ASD-Karate as a free karate system for all age groups

We teach the style ASD-Karate. This is a free karate system, which is conceived after uniform training rules. For the karateka a common starting point is created, which is open for all other styles of karate. As a teaching method, it is suitable for children, teenagers, ladies and gentlemen of all ages. The training focuses on two main areas:

  • a solid technical basis in the sense of karate
  • the individual development of each karate student

Based on this, we first convey the common elements and basic principles of all styles. This promotes contact with the partner and fundamentally improves self-defence.

In our training, we pay special attention to flexible and versatile teaching of different techniques and the introduction of theoretical knowledge.

The focus is on each individual and his or her individual strengths. Although the main emphasis is no longer on the traditional training form of karate, besides classical techniques also basic fall school and grip- as well as throwing techniques are taught.

Thus, ASD-Karate offers versatile technical and theoretical training, but also allows you to focus and to develop individually.

Karate training in small groups for individual development

Our course groups are small so that we can personally respond to each individual karateka. On a regular basis, our students can prove their skills in tournaments and competitions and advance in rank.

Are you interested? Come and visit us at the Tai-Do Buende martial arts school and get your own impression of this sport. We are also at your disposal under telephone number 05223 130807 or via our contact form.

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