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Self-defence and Budo for children in Buende our Bonsais

At Tai-Do Buende children from the age of four start with martial arts training.

Practice early – in our Budo Sports Centre we offer individual training from the age of four. This has numerous advantages and our bonsais (also called "little heroes") are introduced to the techniques according to their young age in a playful manner. Even at a young age, many children suffer from considerable postural damage and immunodeficiencies.

Many children suffer from loss of reality, poor concentration, lack of exercise and deficits in fine and gross motor skills. In addition, more and more children are little supported by their parents, which can often lead to a lack of self-confidence and increased aggressiveness. In order to prevent this, children should take part in sports at an early age, whereby Budo itself contains an optimal support program for the weaknesses mentioned before.

Forwards, little heroesBudo at Tai-Do Bünde

As with the other disciplines, our little heroes also playfully learn the most important techniques of the various types of Budo in their basic features. This promotes, among other things, the team ability, the coordination, the sense of balance and strengthens the self-confidence.

At the beginning and at the end of each training session we invite our bonsais to join in a short meditation, which concludes on the tradition of Karate as a way of teaching. Even though the training is based on modern sports guidelines – Budo begins and ends with respect.

This is particularly important in our bonsais in order to teach children a respectful way of dealing with each other in everyday life. In addition, from the very first lesson, the little ones learn to accept the teacher and partner in a fixed order of priority.

During the Budo training itself, the muscles are balanced and the students' body motor skills are trained. By learning the basic techniques, coordination, mobility, automation of movements and speed are individually supported. In addition, the training of our bonsais strengthens orientation and concentration.

Budo sport for strengthening the character and training the spirit of our little heroes

Through Budo training, our little heroes get to know themselves and their bodies better and are able to assess movement and strength more consciously. Social skills are also made aware through frequent changes in the exercise partner and thus learned. All in all, more courage, more intensive body awareness and a greater self-confidence are called for in bonsais.

The main goal of the Budo sport is neither a victory nor a defeat, but the training of the mind, the character and the inner attitude. That is why Budo is particularly suitable as a sport for children and teenagers.

If you have any questions or would like a trial training session, please contact us: 05223 130807. You can also send us a message via our contact form.
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